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Part philosophy class, part poetry workshop, these Zoom courses allow participants to go deep into philosophy and poetry texts with contemporary philosophers and poets.

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Philopoetics hosts in-person and Zoom meet ups that provide supportive learning communities and creative communities.

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Philopoetics offers writing coaching and editing services that cultivate creative agency and accountability.

  • Creative Writing Pedagogy Reading Group
    UNC-G | 2021
  • Writing Truama
    For National Poetry Month, Snapdragon Journal will have their own poetry editor leading April's popup! In this mini-session, Petra will lead a discussion on the difficulty of writing about trauma, and strategies for handling sensitive and triggering material that we may feel called to write about. We will consider issues such as writing blocks, form, and audience. All you need to bring is yourself, pen and paper!
  • What Are Poets For? The Saving Power of Poetry
    Part poetry writing workshop, part philosophy class, this virtual course examines the power of poetry for cultivating the intellectual, emotional, and practical capacities that are most needed in our current historical moment. Through reading poetry, writing poetry, and discussing the philosophy of poetry, we will deepen our connection to the mythopoetic forces that sustain us. No prior experience in philosophy or poetry is required.
  • Simone de Beauvoir Reading Group
    Facilitator | Georgetown affiliation | 2015-2016
  • Wittgenstein Reading Group
    Participant | Georgetown affiliation | 2015

Praise & Recognition

This course has inspired me to keep a journal and write poetry for the first time in years. The interplay of philosophy and poetry has made a space for me to consider how I interact with time, the world, the sacred, myself and my loved ones. The kind instructors invite and encourage personal introspection and the potential to learn from the self.

— Peter M.

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