Exploring the borderlands of poetry & philosophy


Influenced by the Latinx theory of the borderlands, Petra Salazar, a poet and educator, launched Philopoetics, in 2021, as a challenging learning space to dwell in curiosity and possibility—a space located between the traditional disciplinary boundaries of philosophy and poetry. Philopoetics brings together contemporary philosophers and poets to create accessible and dynamic learning programs, founded in the liberatory and healing principles of alternative pedagogies.

Virtual Courses

Part philosophy class, part poetry workshop, these Zoom courses allow participants to go deep into philosophy and poetry texts with contemporary philosophers and poets.

Virtual Reading Groups

Philopoetics hosts reading groups that help participants continue their education and engage in college level discussions of texts.

Creative Support

Philopoetics offers writing coaching & editing services that cultivate creative agency & accountability through thoughtful approaches informed by extensive experience in alternative pedagogy, creative writing, & publishing.

Tijuana Photos by Barbara Zandoval on Unsplash